How to cut down on household rubbish for Zero Waste Week

Douglas McMaster launches into his spiel before we’ve even taken a seat. The sofa we’re about to sit on has been upcycled from waste materials, he tells me, as has all the furniture in his industrial-chic restaurant, Silo. Some very decent coffee materialises in front of us, along with milk that arrived at the restaurant that morning in a giant pail (the staff use it to make yoghurt, cream, cheese and butter, too), and two fizzing glasses of kombucha, a fermented tea that has been brewed in-hou

Mothers of Invention: Mary Robinson on why climate change is a feminist issue

Forging a double act can be powerful, but risky. The chemistry needs to be just right, with no one person dominating. And, importantly, they have to at least appear to get on. So the podcast producer who came up with the brainwave of pairing the former president of Ireland with an irreverent comedian deserves a plaudit for their genius – and bravery. Mary Robinson, 74, an academic, diplomat, campaigner, barrister and politician, is a luminary in the fields of human rights and climate change. S

How to make your food look good enough to Instagram

A decade ago, telling someone that you were a “food stylist” would have been met with a blank stare, if not an eye-roll. And some people might still react like that now – after all, purely worrying about what food looks like in photographs, beyond how it tastes, will sound to many like the ultimate example of style over substance. But style does matter in the world of gastronomy, more so than ever nowadays in the “food porn” age of Instagram where people want to share pictures of their meal in

The surgeon who fell in love with broken hearts

As an organ, the heart has been rather unloved in recent years. Column inches and bestselling books are dedicated to the brain and even the hitherto unglamorous gut, while the heart soldiers on unnoticed. Heart surgeon Nikki Stamp, though, is smitten. “Even when the heart is outside the body – if you give it blood with oxygen and nutrients the heart muscle just beats,” she says. “I think that’s amazing.” Stamp has no shortage of interesting facts about the heart – in fact, she’s written an ent

From bullied schoolboy to running addict: the man who ran 401 marathons

This week, thousands of people are putting the final touches to their London Marathon preparations: easing off on training, having a last-minute sports massage, getting their gorilla suit dry-cleaned. For first-timers, or even those with several races under their belts, it can be a daunting time. Now imagine that you were getting ready for your 50th marathon in a row. Or 100th. Or 300th. For Ben Smith, running a marathon became as routine as brushing his teeth in 2016, when he completed 401 mar

Meet the food blogger that has chefs eating out of his hand

Steve Plotnicki doesn’t seem like your typical food blogger – after all, he isn’t 22, female or snapchatting love-heart inscribed pictures of avocado toast. “I guess I’m a blogger with a capital B,” he says, laughing. Plotnicki, the creator of Opinionated about Dining (OAD), a prolific online community of lovers of fine dining, has in fact held many titles – not least “king of the bloggers”, as bestowed by restaurant critic Jay Rayner. In his pre-blogging life, Plotnicki was a record company ow

OITNB's Lea DeLaria: 'Hard for me to get roles? Have you seen me?' - The i newspaper online

Lea DeLaria is not what you’d call a shrinking violet. The actress, comedian and jazz singer holds the title of being the first openly gay comic to appear on a late-night talk show – The Arsenio Hall Show, in 1993. And what a way to break a barrier – she opened with, “It’s the 1990s… It’s hip to be queer, and I’m a bi-i-i-i-ig dyke!”, and went on to mention the words “fag”, “dyke” and “queer” 47 times. Even in prison garb, she refuses to blend into the background. Litchfield’s most butch inmate

Deliciously Ella: I serve veggie curries, I'm not the devil

Castigated for her part in the clean-eating trend, Ella Mills bites back, telling Siobhan Norton she’s just a businesswoman who want people to celebrate good food It’s not every day I find myself sitting across the table from public enemy number one over coconut-milk lattes. No, not Piers Morgan. Not a tangerine-hued world leader. I’m talking about Deliciously Ella, the woman who has been garnering column inches as the clean-eating backlash grows. Yes, she’s the woman trying to make you eat you

Ben Fogle: I thought I was too young to get pneumonia

Ben Fogle is not someone who tends to shy away from a challenge. The 43-year-old broadcaster and adventurer has run across the Sahara, rowed across the Atlantic and trekked across Antarctica. So a nagging cough didn’t trouble him much – until he realised it was pneumonia. “I had a cough and what I thought was a cold for ages, but doing what I do, and living with younger children who can bring back bugs they catch at school, I just get on with things,” he says. “I started to take it a little mo

Jasmine Hemsley on why her cookbook is drawing on Eastern philosophies

We’re suckers for a double act in Britain: the Two Ronnies, Fry and Laurie, hell, even Mel and Sue. They are so united as a duo, it is often difficult to think of them as individuals. So when I told friends I was interviewing Jasmine Hemsley, the name didn’t immediately ring a bell for some of them. “You know, from Hemsley and Hemsley,” I’d say. “Oh, Hemsley and Hemsley! I love their book/restaurant/TV show,” was the stock reply. The healthy-eating sisters have been prolific over the past few

Good Life actor Richard Briers worked through lung disease

Richard Briers may have cut a laid-back, affable figure on screen, but just like The Good Life’s Tom Good, beneath the jovial front was a steely determination. His daughter, Lucy Briers, says his dogged attitude was an inspiration, not least when he was diagnosed with a chronic lung condition. “He knew that you need to be a particular kind of person to be an actor,” she says. “You need to have a sort of steel running through the middle of you.” Richard Briers, whose career spanned five decades

Chef Chris Denney: 'Michelin stars? I'm just keeping my head down'

The fickle British food scene is always crying out for the hottest new thing – and there was quite a buzz when 108 Garage landed in West London last October. Sticking out like a sore thumb in frou frou Westbourne Grove with its stripped-back decor (it’s not called garage for nothing) and higgledy piggledy garden furniture, it looked like the kind of hipster spot at risk of being a flash in the pan, but the momentum quickly built. First Giles Coren wrote a review for The Times, excoriating the l

Denise Lewis: 'One in five kids is obese - that's worrying'

Saturday afternoons must be a logistical nightmare in Denise Lewis’s house, ferrying her daughter and two sons to various sporting activities. “I struggle to keep my children still,” she laughs. “I’m someone who has dedicated my life to sport, and my husband is very active, so we’re a very busy household.” But the former heptathlete and Olympic gold medallist knows that her family is the exception rather than the norm. Just 23 per cent of boys and 20 per cent of girls meet the national recommen

Fitness blogger Alice Liveing: exercise is about more than weight loss

The personal trainer formerly known as Clean Eating Alice has had a rebrand. She tells Siobhán Norton about her journey from Insta-blogger to bestseller, her PCOS battle, and why fitness is about far more than weight loss. It feels like Britain has had its fill of “fitspo” lately. Every social media channel is saturated with lithe young things adopting a variety of smug fitness poses. There’s the weighted squat, the yoga headstand and, of course, the “belfie” (or bottom selfie, if you’ve been t